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              About Us

              Xiamen Austar Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd is a joint-stock company invested and established by senior technicians and professional managers. It is a professional manufacturing enterprise of P / M mechanical parts. The first phase investment is 5 million yuan.
              The company is located in No. 2875, Dongfu Avenue, Haicang District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province. It is only 1km away from the exit of Haicang expressway. 2 km from Dongfu exit of Metro Line 2.Products are widely used in automobile, motorcycle, air conditioning compressor, electric tools, textile machinery, fitness equipment, medical equipment and household appliances and other industries.
              The company's main production equipment includes high-efficiency mixer, the advanced 12-315 ton fully automatic forming press in China, iron-based mesh belt sintering furnace, copper based mesh belt sintering furnace, high-purity nitrogen machine, vibration finishing machine, water vapor blackening treatment furnace, high vacuum oil filling machine, and other supporting equipment. The production capacity of P / M products is 2000 tons / year.
              The company's main testing equipment includes Rockwell hardness tester, electronic Brinell hardness tester, microcomputer controlled electronic material testing machine, metallographic microscope, high-precision electronic balance, density tester, oil content tester, etc.
              Since its establishment, the company has operated in strict accordance with ISO9001-2008 and ISO / TS16949 quality management system.
              Relying on the P / M technology platform, applying advanced P / M technology and advanced P / M production equipment and production experience, the company will develop all kinds of iron-based, copper-based high-precision, low-noise, highly wear-resistant self-lubricating oil-bearing and shaft sleeve, iron-based, copper-based high-strength, high-density, high-performance and high-standard P / M mechanical structure parts to meet the needs of customers.